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Eventually the time comes when a building owner, facilities manager, or HOA board must reach out to a local commercial roof replacement contractor because their flat roof system is no longer performing the way it was designed to perform. Replacing a commercial roof is never a small job, which means it can represent a significant investment. Property owners need their dollar to go as far as possible, while ensuring top-notch products and quality craftsmanship are applied to their commercial roofing project.

In some circumstances, property insurance may cover the costs of a commercial flat roof replacement, but when that’s not the case, consider the project an extremely beneficial building improvement that can add years of worry-free leak protection and thousands of dollars in energy-consumption savings. Just make sure you choose a Danbury-area roofing contractor that has the special skill and experience in flat roof systems…choose Tactical Construction Services!

Commercial Roofing

Cost Factors in Commercial Roof Replacements

As with any other building exterior project, the cost for replacing a commercial roof will vary based on what type of flat or low-slope roofing system is being installed, and what materials make up that system. Today there are many reliable types of flat roofing options–so, it’s just a matter of what’s best for a building given the current material on the roof and whether it can be covered, coated, or else fully removed and replaced. The location of a commercial property is important, too.

Tactical Construction Services will make its recommendation on what roof type to install based our the climate here in Danbury, Fairfield County, western Connecticut, and southeastern New York State. Seasonal temperature fluctuations, annual precipitation, heat and UV exposure, as well as wind conditions and fire resistance, all play into the decision on the right roofing system for your commercial property.

Asphalt composition or single-ply membranes are the two general approaches for flat roof replacement. Each of these roofing types are available in a variety of applications and should be installed by a highly capable commercial roofing contractor, and none is better than Tactical Construction Services!

Commercial Roofing

Asphalt Composition

MBR or “ModBit” roofing is one type of asphalt-based industrial roofing. Modified bitumen is the primary material used in MBR roofing. It is a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings due to its durability, flexibility, and resistance to weathering.

MBR is made by adding various types of polymers to asphalt to create a more durable and flexible material. The modified bitumen is then applied in a single or multiple layers over a roof deck. It can be installed using a variety of methods, including hot-mopped, torch-applied, or self-adhered.

ModBit roofing is known for its long lifespan, with many systems lasting upwards of 20 years or more with proper maintenance. It is also resistant to water and other weather elements, making it a good choice for areas prone to heavy rain or snow, as are often the conditions in Connecticut.

Among the choices for asphalt composition systems, Tactical Construction estimates the minimal average lifespan to be 10 to 20 years for MBR (Modified Bitumen)

Single-Ply Membranes

Single-ply membrane EPDM is a popular choice for commercial and industrial roofing due to its durability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. EPDM is a single-ply system made from a synthetic rubber material that is resistant to New England weather conditions.

Tactical Construction installs EPDM roofing in large sheets that are rolled out over the roof surface and attached using adhesives, ballasting, or mechanical fasteners. The sheets are sealed along the edges and overlaps to create a watertight barrier. EPDM roofing has a lifespan of up to 30 years, with minimal maintenance required.

One of the main advantages of EPDM roofing is its flexibility, which allows it to move with the building and expand and contract with temperature changes. It is also resistant to punctures and tears, making it a durable choice for high traffic areas. EPDM roofing is also resistant to chemicals, making it a suitable choice for industrial buildings.

EPDM roofing is easy to install but should be done by trained pros like Tactical Construction services. It’s a cost-effective choice compared to other roofing materials, and it is also environmentally friendly, since it can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

Overall, EPDM roofing is a reliable and cost-effective choice for commercial and industrial buildings due to its durability, flexibility, and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Tactical Construction estimates the minimal average lifespan to be 20 to 35 years for EPDM

Commercial Roofing

Metal Roof Restoration

It’s always smart to pay attention to wear and tear which may be compromising the performance of your metal roofing. Aging, severe weather events, sealing around roof penetrations, and other factors can lead to expensive damages to a commercial property and its valuable interior equipment and other contents. Reach out to Tactical Construction to conduct a thorough commercial roof inspection. Let our professional technicians assess the condition of your metal roof and see if it qualifies for a cost-effective restoration.

Commercial Roofing

Tactical Construction Knows Metal Roofing

Tactical Construction offers an array of sustainable, dependable, and high-performing metal roofing systems for commercial structures.

Structurally sound and aesthetically appealing, Tactical Construction Services offers metal roof system products including standing seam roof panels and exposed or concealed fastener roof panels.

Commercial Roofing

The “Tactical” Steps in Flat Roof Installation

  1. The roof deck must be prepared for the installation of the flat roof system. This involves cleaning the surface and checking for any damage or irregularities that may need to be repaired before installation.
  2. A base layer of insulation is installed over the roof deck. This helps to provide thermal protection and can also help to reduce noise transmission.
  3. A waterproofing membrane is then applied over the insulation. Tactical Construction Services favors EPDM–a single-ply membrane. The membrane is carefully sealed at the edges and around any penetrations to ensure a watertight seal.
  4. Once the membrane is in place, a protective layer of gravel or stone ballast is often applied over the top. This helps to protect the membrane from UV radiation and physical damage.
  5. Finally, any necessary drainage systems, such as scuppers or gutters, are installed to ensure proper water drainage from the roof. Overall, the installation process for a flat roof system requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure a long-lasting and leak-free roof.

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A total roof replacement is a big job, but it’s a great investment when done right. When property owners, managers, and HOAs need an honest, local commercial roof replacement company, they turn to the experts at Tactical Construction Services. Contact us today. 800-816-4501 |


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