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Connecticut homeowners need siding that can withstand the Northeast’s seasonal weather extremes. The durability of both CertainTeed and James Hardie siding is famous for standing up to torrential rain, snow drifts, hail, and high winds. As a certified siding installer, Tactical Construction ensures you’ll receive an outstanding siding product and expert craftsmanship. You have many options when it comes to selecting your siding, which can add additional value to your home, but nothing measures up to Tactical’s James Hardie siding of CertainTeed siding. The manufacturers’ warranties are great, too. For example, you’ll get James Hardie’s15-year and 30-year transferable warranties on top of Tactical Construction’s great workmanship guarantee.

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An Array of Colors and Textures

From familiar lapped siding planks to vertical siding and elegant cedar shingle styles, Tactical Construction’s siding by James Hardie and by CertainTeed is engineered to protect your home and foundation by providing a solid barrier to the punishing effects of winter storms and freezing rain so common to Connecticut in the wintertime. Our siding is affordable and made to last. The styles, colors and materials offered by Tactical Construction Services are wide-ranged.

The Superiority of Fiber Cement Siding, a.k.a., Hardie Board

Fiber Cement siding is the top siding choice of homeowners in the U.S. for a reason. It has the durability of vinyl siding combined with the low maintenance of the metal siding. It also has great energy efficiency and its various textures are crafted to resemble natural materials, but can last even longer with simple maintenance.

The aesthetic beauty of Tactical’s siding by James Hardie and by CertainTeed can certainly increase the curb appeal and the value of your home. You can always rest assured, Tactical Construction Services uses nothing but the best products for its customers.

Our Metal Siding is Great Too!

One of the biggest appeals of metal siding is the low maintenance factor when compared to other materials. After the initial installation, homeowners only need the occasional inspection to ensure many years of great performance. Metal doesn’t retain moisture or promote mold, and you’ll never have to worry about the problems and upkeep associated with materials, such as wood siding.

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Are you a property owner in Danbury, Fairfield County, or anywhere in the State of Connecticut? Just as your roof protects your home, siding is also a first defense against New England’s nature elements. For outstanding siding that will add immeasurable value to your home, contact Tactical Construction at
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