Decks, Windows & Solar

Decks, Windows, Solar

Tactical Construction Services is Connecticut’s source for a beautiful wood deck or recycled composite, synthetic wood decks. Our team of skilled craftsmen build decks that meet or exceed your high expectations.

Connecticut enjoys nice, mild weather throughout the spring, summer, and into the fall. Why not take advantage of New England’s glorious seasonal weather by expanding your living and entertainment space with a beautiful new deck? Our Decks installation is the best in the business.

Tactical Construction’s Decks are great for all the obvious reasons…

  • Outdoor entertaining under the sun, shade, or stars
  • Sunbathing around a pool or spa
  • Expanding your flower and herb gardening hobby
  • Play area for kids and pets
  • Al fresco dining
decks installation
decks installation

Deck Project Planning & Budgeting

Tactical Construction Services can create a budget for your deck project based on the size, design, and materials you prefer. We can design safe and attractive railings, flowerboxes, built-in seating, and lighting. Before we start any project, our customers know exactly what’s included in the cost to build a deck. And, we’ll handle the permitting, design execution, deck sealing, and the access points to the deck, including stairways and door openings.

Our Deck Material Options

Wood is not the only available decking material. Pressure-treated redwood, pine, cedar, and exotic tropical woods are also among the weather-resistant decking materials available. In addition, there are innovative recycled plastic deck boards and composite materials made of wood fiber and plastic that resemble natural boards and resist rotting and pest infestation. Metal decks are also an option with Tactical Construction Services. We’ll walk you through all the best choices for your deck project to determine the style and materials that you most desire.

wood deck
Metal deck

We Have an Eye for Architecture

Tactical Construction Services understands that a new deck should follow the style, lines, and proportions of your home and/or landscaping. An enormous deck attached to a small ranch-style house may seem out of place or overdon. Likewise, a tiny deck extending off a huge, stately home may not “fit” the look very well, either. Tactical Construction Services will take time with you to work out a design that’s just right and fits your budget. Our construction skills are incomparable, so you can count on having a beautiful deck to last for years to come. Make your outdoor living dreams come true – call Tactical Construction Services today, 800-816-4501.

decks installation
decks installation

Tactical is Tops Among Danbury-Area Window Replacement Companies

Windows and doors are essential in making a home more energy efficient, effectively reducing fuel and electrical costs for property owners in Danbury, Fairfield County, and throughout Connecticut. Tactical Construction Services has been installing quality window and door systems for years. Let us replace your drafty old units so you can start saving money on high heating and cooling costs!

decks installation

Tactical is Tops Among Window Replacement Companies

Ensure your home’s protection with expertly-engineered and installed airtight windows and doors by the craftsmen at Tactical Construction Services. We provide new window and door services to property owners throughout Danbury, Fairfield County, and the entire State of Connecticut.

Old, poorly fitted, warped, rotted and drafty windows and doors drive up the costs of home utilities and make your living space uncomfortable. The window and door specialists at Tactical Construction Services can take care of your needs like no contractor in western Connecticut.

Safety Factors in Window Replacement

An old doorway or broken window can be a weak link in your home security, as well as cause high energy costs. But, when little repairs aren’t enough, Tactical Construction Services provides you with the best window and door replacement services. We offer a wide selection of product options that fit your budget and preferences.

Questions Often Ask Us About Tactical’s Window Services

  • Are they the right type of windows and/or doors for the climate and weather threats of the Danbury CT area and the Northeast US?
  • Will they provide year round comfort and superior performance?
  • Are they easy to maintain?
  • Are they energy efficient to help lower your ongoing energy bills?
  • Will the designs compliment the design and exterior of your home?
  • What colors are available?
  • What manufacturers offer the best warranty options?

Tactical Construction Services is here to answer these questions and serve you with our team of expert window and door installers.

decks installation
Residential Roofing

Type of Windows


  • Casement – Casement windows operate like a door, featuring a crank mechanism
  • Bay – Bay windows are characterized by three windows, with the center flanked by two angled back windows.
  • Bow – Bowed windows consist of four or more window units characterized by a gentle curve.
  • Sliding – Sliding windows simply slide over each other from one side to the other.
  • Awning – Awning windows open at the bottom and outward using a crank.
  • Double-Hung – Double-Hung windows consist of two movable sashes with one installed above the other.

Popular Window Materials…

  • Wood – A classic choice because of its warm and aesthetic appeal and great insulation.
  • Vinyl – An affordable window option with low cost and low maintenance features.
  • Fiberglass – A popular choice for those looking for a strong material that will never rot, warp, or swell.
  • How We Handle Window Replacement Danbury, CT
roof top windows


Tactical will go through a needs assessment checklist to determine if your windows or doors are outdated and, if necessary, we’ll recommend the best new products. If there is wood rot along sills and/or thresholds, Tactical Construction Services will fix that too. Once we replace your units, you’ll no longer have to worry about leaks and condensation.


We’ll make sure you have the right products for the local climate and weather patterns, and new windows/doors that satisfy your particular style preferences. Together we’ll choose styles and colors from only the most reputable manufacturers.


After consulting with you on the best products, we’ll handle all the ordering, and we'll schedule the installation on days and times which are convenient to you.


Tactical Construction Services ensures that your window and/or door replacements run smoothly and finish in a timely manner.

solar installation

Tactical Construction Services–A Premier Solar Installation Company

Did you know that in one year, the average home uses about 11,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) at about 14 cents per kWh? That’s about $1,500 on electricity alone. Not only that, but utility companies seem to always increase their rates. But, when you generate your own energy with a rooftop solar installation, you may no longer need to deal with outrageous utility rates and price hikes.
Saving money on your utility bills by harnessing the sun’s clean, sustainable energy is a goal that is well within reach these days. The time to switch to solar is now. Tactical Construction Services is one of a few choice residential solar companies in Fairfield County, Danbury, and the State of Connecticut that can install solar units for your property.

  • Qualify for a 26% federal solar tax credit (That tax credit expires starting in 2024 unless Congress renews it!)
  • Take part in a growing movement to clean energy
  • Modernize the look of your home with solar
  • Begin saving money on utility bills

When you go solar you generate your own energy. For homes that qualify, incorporating solar panels don’t even carry an upfront cost! If you’re generating all of your own power that means your utility company is not charging you or billing only for the power your solar panels don’t offset. And, with a solar home energy system, you’ll never see a rate increase, which utility companies routinely impose.

Minimal Upfront Costs… So, Why Not Consider Solar Now?

Today, there are tremendous incentives to try solar energy. Increasingly, solar roofing products manufacturers and utility providers are offering rebates that let property owners more quickly recoup what can be the high upfront expense of onboarding solar roofing systems. Federal and state tax breaks for energy-efficient equipment also ease upfront costs.

Lenders which specialize in energy efficient home improvements offer low interest loans which can be incorporated into mortgage payments. In Danbury CT, Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut, qualified homeowners with home solar could be eligible for a tax credit of up to 30% against the cost of the system; property tax exemption on the added home value from the Connecticut solar installation, and a 6.35% home solar system state sales tax exemption.

solar installation
solar installation

Solar Roofing for Commercial Property Owners

For Connecticut businesses that count on continuous energy, uninterrupted by black-outs or storm-related outages, solar panels reduce the reliance on what would otherwise be their single source of power failure – the local power grid.

Great Roofing and More… Tactical Does Decks, Windows, and Solar Solutions

Tactical Construction Services can take care of many of your exterior home and building improvement needs. We also believe in the future of solar, which saves you and your family money while while promoting a greener planet. Contact us today! 800-816-4501 |


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